Pompliano says that getting out of cash is key to wealth and inflation protection

During a recent live broadcast on YouTube, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and cryptomontage expert Anthony Pompliano detailed the current post-pandemic economy of the COIVD-19, pointing to the spending and printing efforts of the U.S. government.

„There is a devaluation of the currency,“ Pompliano said in his July 18 live broadcast. „The whole secret to generating wealth is to get out of cash and into dollar-denominated assets that will continue to increase in value over long periods of time: stocks, real estate, gold, Bitcoin, all of this.

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Assets rising as the economy struggles
Prevention measures against COVID-19 have caused economic stagnation and job losses. As part of the corrective measures, the U.S. government has injected money into the country, printing and giving away money, as Pomliano details. U.S. corporations and billionaires have reaped the benefits, receiving massive bailouts, he said.

„You have to get out of the cash,“ Pompliano said, urging people to flee to other assets. „Don’t fight the Fed,“ he said, referring to the U.S. Federal Reserve.

He added:

„Don’t think the Fed cares about the little guy. The Fed only cares about managing an economy and putting pressure on asset prices.
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Inflation has devastated the United States
The last half century reveals large-scale inflation in the United States, compared to gold. A stock market chart showing the last few decades of price action reveals a 45-degree upward angle, which means the markets essentially have increased significantly over time when valued in dollars, Pompliano said.

„Structurally, stock prices are rising for long periods of time with nothing to do with the underlying companies,“ he said. „It has everything to do with the fact that the dollar, the denominator, the thing that the asset is denominated in, is devaluing.

Bitcoin price and stocks may correct if the U.S. Federal Reserve does not extend the stimulus

However, when valued in gold rather than dollars, the same stock market chart shows a downward trend over the past 49 years, revealing a devalued dollar rather than higher-value stocks, Pomp said.

Among the assets mentioned by Pompliano, Crypto Cash in particular, by nature, has protection from inflation itself. Only 21 million Bitcoins (BTC) will exist, according to the original asset code. As world governments print increasing amounts of paper money, the supply of Bitcoin remains constant, making it a type of hedge.

Pompliano has also argued that Bitcoin is an uncorrelated asset on many occasions, arguing that the price path of digital assets is independent of that of traditional markets.